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How Does This Work With My PWC?

We have a PWC Adapter Kit that will allow our hydroflight products to connect to all major Jet Skis® and personal watercraft.

Our innovative Quick Nozzle system allows you to swap between using a hydroflyer and using your ski in mere seconds.

Adapter Kits Compatibility
Sea Doo 4 Hole Adapter Works with most models of Sea Doo.
Sea Doo 3 Hole Adapter Works with the 3 Hole system found on some Sea Doo 2010 models. Some late 2009 and early 2011 Sea Doo models fall into this category.
Sea Doo Spark Adapter Works only with the Sea Doo Spark models.
Kawasaki 15F Adapter Works with all Kawasaki STX-15F models.
Kawasaki Ultra Adapter Works with all Kawasaki Ultra Models.
Yamaha Adapter Works with all Yamaha models except for 2017+ Yamaha EX models.
Honda Adapter Works with all Honda models.

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