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Flyboard 2015 Pro Series

The Flyboard® Pro Series is the hydroflyer preferred by top athletes all over the world for its performance benefits. Because of its rotating base plate that allows the Flyboard® to pivot on its axis by up to 20 degrees, performance and trick capability reach the next level.

The Flyboard® offers ways to customize your personal setup according to skill level, preference and intended use. Adjustable nozzle sizes with forward and backward orientation direction and spring adjustability for more or less resistance for tilt operation (available on Pro Series) provide infinite control while in the air.

Unlock the Power of Flight The Flyboard® allows anyone the ability to fly. Engineered from the ground up to give you superior control and precise maneuverability, the Flyboard® Pro is simple enough to learn on your first time out. Lighter and more efficient with upgraded features and greater innovation makes the Flyboard® perfect for novices to experts.

Made for Everyone From teens to adults, the Flyboard® Pro is the next generation of personal water sports equipment made to be enjoyed by everyone. Whether mastering a new skill or having fun with the family, the Flyboard® Pro will have you flying in no time!

Here is everything you get with a Flyboard® Pro Series and Flyboard® Sport Kit. 1-Flyboard® Deck 2-Bindings 3-Hose 4-Hose Clamps 5-Pump Interface 6-Dual Swivel U-Pipe