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Flyboard 2014 Legend

New Zapata Racing Bindings

Designed especially for use with the Flyboard®. These new bindings position the rider in the optimum position for flying and incorporate a stronger front to back support system and a softer side to side feel for greater comfort and performance. 

The Flyboard® Deck

The board part remains the same for 2014 with new more durable graphics. The Deck fits as a replacement on the 2013 v2 version as well.


The Pump Interface Plate

The new Pump Interface Plate is beefier for 2014 and features an integrated venturi port designed to siphon any water from inside your PWC. In addition, the bolt and adapter kits have also been modified for the new 2014 Flyboard®.


The “U” Pipe 

Perhaps one of the most aggressive improvements has been to the Elbow Unit. There is a new discharge port on the back of the “U” Pipe to allow for increased forward speed while doing certain tricks and maneuvers. The 1.5″ female threaded opening allows for the installation of a manual or low voltage electric valve  that can be opened or closed as desired.

The “Y” Connector

The “Y” Connector has been modified for 2014. The Index Finger has been moved to the collar above the Hose Swivel to minimize the potential for damage. Works with both v2 and v3 Flyboards.