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Flyboard 2013

Boots for every feet

Boots can easily be removed to place almost any kind of bindings. Depending on your level, style or application domain, you can swap them for greater comfort and ease of use. If any doubt, we’ll advise and provide you with the most adapted solution.

Re-engineered Quick Nozzle*

Because when you get to ride you might want to go further away and still be able to ride your ski, we have redesigned our quick nozzle with the nozzle already attached. No need anymore to bolt your existing nozzle to our plate, it’s all included. It’ll just connect like your U-pipe to the ski.

Redesigned board and pods

The Board has now elegant lines that allow a better penetration in the water. You will not only reduce the drag, but your speed will increase by 4 mph while allowing more freedom underwater. The 4 pods remain buoyant and support the weight of any rider.

Removable 360° hose swivel

Now, the pipe connects and disconnects with a quarter turn and get secured instantly with a specially designed pin lock. The board can then be transported and stored separately from the hose reducing the weight and storage space needed.

3D board axis

Flyboarding is a freestyle sport and therefore requires complete freedom of movement. The combination of a pendular movement under the board and a 360° rotation swivel allow virtually any kind of manoeuver. You will forget you’re attached to a hose and a jetski.

Quick release U-Pipe connection

You can now remove the hose from your jetski with a quarter turn thanks to its pinlock system developped by Zapata Racing. It takes now about 10 seconds to connect or disconnect the hose from the jetski pump. This comes really handy when using our Quick nozzle.

No Arm Nozzles

In 2013, we ride without arm nozzles: fluidity, conveniency, freedom! Like all sports, this is an evolution towards more control and Freedom: The Flyboard is manoeuvered and controlled with the feet. After extensive riding, we finally realized we were much better without. If you really want them, the space is only covered with 2 beautiful Zapata engraved caps.

6 different Adaptors for 4 different Jetski brands/models

The Flyboard can be mounted on almost all jet skis: Kawasaki, Seadoo, Honda and Yamaha. There is an adaptor kit for all of them including the special sea-doo 2010 model, Kawasaki ultra and Kawasaki 15F.