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Business Opportunities

The Flyboard is the perfect addition to any watersports business, resort, or charter yacht. Stand out from competition by offering this amazing new sport! The dream of flight has become a reality that anyone can achieve. People would love to try out this new sport, so why not be the first to offer this possibility to them!

The Flyboard is approved in all countries around the world, but just to make sure that you will eventually have a return on investment, check with your local authorities for approval and that insurance is available for commercial operations.

Here at Atlantic Flyboard., we can help you start up your business, from giving you the necessary documents to convince your local authorities to amend the marine laws and accept the Flyboard up to setting up a website.

The Business Set-up Plan includes.

  • Operation of Flyboard Equipment suggestions for local Marine Laws (as approved in many countries) 
  • General Operating Conditions
  • Event or Demonstration Operating Conditions
  • Flyboard Risk Assessment Report 
  • Contract Template with Liability Waivers for Rental Customers
  • Training of how the Flyboard is used in Rental Operations for Insurance Purposes
  • Advantages/Disadvantages on all types of Jet Skis
  • Which Jet Skis are best for Rental, to minimize running and maintenance costs
  • Instructor Courses (with Certification)
  • Flyboard Gear (We supply all the gear you need, from Flyboard to safety)
  • Wet Suits (BARE) with full colour Company Logo 
  • Impact Vest / Life Jackets 
  • Brochure Design
  • Website
  • Web Hosting
  • Facebook Page 

To request a full Business Setup Plan, which provides guidelines, documentation, certification and expertise required for opening a Commercial Flyboard Operation, please email us at or call us.

An appointment can be arranged, where all the training can be done during your off season period to be setup and ready by summer. South Florida is the ideal place to train as the climate here permits us to go in the water during the Winter Season. We will also help you make your stay here comfortable, enjoyable and help you find your accommodation to suit your budget!

We’ve already had a few happy customers, one of them suggested to us to promote this all-inclusive service to the world of Flyboarding!

The cost to get into the business can vary depending on if you buy new or used equipment, as well as the location that you choose to operate out of. If you are close to major center, the cost would be higher then something a little further from town or more secluded generally. You can anticipate approx $25,000 to $50,000 would be your start up costs including all your fees and equipment, and with a good business and marketing plan you can pay that back and turn profits in your very first 4 month season!