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Cooper Riggs
Cooper Riggs

#2 World Champion - 2013 - Doha, Qatar

#3 World Champion - 2015 - Dubai, UAE

An excerpt from Blaine Jeffrey's article about the XDubai 2015 Flyboard Championship

Sex, Drugs, Rock n’ Roll. Contrary to the clean living, singular dedication to training mentality of his podium peers, Cooper Riggs butts out his cigarette on the dock as he’s booting up..lol. In Qatar in 2013 he finished second having only been flying for four months and this year in Dubai he flies himself to a third place finish having only been on the board four times in the months leading up to the comp (or so we heard). That natural talent is something not many have and likely frustrates the heck out of his fellow riders who work so hard to fly even half as good. Maybe competitors are going about these World Championship events all wrong and need to take a page out of Coops book. Don’t train, enjoy more than your fair share of beverages, get your nicotine on, and enjoy the company of more than a few beautiful ladies before each and every round. Certainly makes him one of the happiest dudes you’ll ever come across and has the ability to inspire new tricks like the ‘Funky Monkey’… oh wait…that’s an off the water move.

(If anyone is seriously thinking we are advocating drug use in order to better your flying, this is not the case. Just poking some fun)

If I can be a little more serious for a second and say that Riggs tore his runs up for real with diversity, speed, triples, great combos and again great use of reverse flight in each round. I had him winning the battle with Steve Palma, though it came down to a judges decision on a missed compulsory move, either way we feel that Cooper was the correct competitor on that podium. 
Cheers my friend! source - H2RO Magazine


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