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Hoverboard by ZR

overboard by ZR®Attaches to your existing flyboard kit

The hoverboard by ZR® will be available as a full kit including everything you need to ride such as hose, U-pipe, swivel etc, or as an add-on to your existing flyboard® kit. Simply detach your flyboard® using the quick release pin and plug the Hoverboard by ZR® seamlessly: It will only take you a few seconds. 

Fast and versatile

The hoverboard by ZR® is capable to reach speeds up to 28mph and fly as high as  20 feet. You can ride with your feet well maintained in the two provided footstraps for agressive maneuvers or simply cruise above the ocean sitting or laying down on it. Our test team and inventor Franky Zapata can already perform flips and backflips on it.


Stay tuned for more infos coming soon
Don’t miss out the newly designed  hoverboard by ZR® coming out this summer and make Marty Mc Fly dream reality