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Franky Zapata has done it ... he has created a real hoverboard, the first working one ever made. The new equipment uses a jet turbine engine to fly around.

Zapata released the first video of his latest invention: the Flyboard Air. Gone is the jet ski, gone is the hose, and gone is the tether. This thing appears to take the handling and control system of the Flyboard, but replace the water jets with at least one jet turbine engine and a backpack fuel tank.

It doesn't need to be attached to anything else, and has a maximum height of 10,000 feet and can fly at nearly 100 miles per hour.


The the new creation allows people to fly around with no connection to the ground and no obvious impact on the floor beneath. That means that Mr Zapata’s hoverboard is by far the most convincing and authentic version of the hoverboard that has yet been seen. The last year or so has seen a run of equipment looking to recreate the Back To The Future experience — but they have all forced people to stay close to the ground. The new hoverboard gets around that by using a turbine engine that gets its fuel from a backpack worn by the rider.